Audio: Mindset and Planning Set

  • $24.95

Consistent Positive Focus For Equestrians

The perfect blend of planning, guided meditation, and music. This multi-track audio set is like having a personal coach to keep you on track, avoid frustration, and create a deeper connection with your horse.

For any horse lover, anywhere.

Includes 6 Audio + Bonus Music Tracks

  • Introduction: Learn how to use these audios
  • Plan Smart: Be guided through a process of making a training plan
  • Be Present: A guided meditation to help you be in the best state of mind for your horse
  • Start Fresh: A pre-session check-in to set you up for success
  • Reset: Use this to help you get back on track if the session doesn't go as planned
  • Reflect: Review and reflect about the last session so the next one is even better
  • Dance: Instrumental music tracks

We've all had bad days with our horse and felt horrible about it. These audios are designed to make every session one we can feel great about.



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