About Us


From Karen Rohlf: 
"Dressage, Naturally helps students and their equine partnres all over the world. This store is where you can find:
  • Educational materials
  • Equipment
  • The Dressage Naturally Bitless Bridle
  • The Dressage Naturally Riding Halter
These can all support you in your process to create stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics, as you combine the principles of natural horsemanship with the art of dressage. 
Everything in this shop has been created by me, for you. 
The Book/Streaming Video Set, Dressage, Naturally ... Results in Harmony: A Guide to the Basics of Dressage from a Natural Horsemanship Perspective, is the spring-board for all other Dressage, Naturally educational materials.
Another excellent resource for continuing practice is my library of training videos, the Dressage, Naturally Video Classroom. I post new instructional videos on a regular basis and they are personally edited by me. There is a closed facebook group for active members to connect and you get access to all of it for just $29 a month. I am so happy to share this with you! 
Please note, my book has been translated to Polish (Galaktyka Publishing) and translated to German (Cadmos Publishing). However, these translations are not available in this web store."