Dressage Naturally Halter and Lead Combo

  • $110.00

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Safety, Comfort, & Communication.

Rope Halter with Soft Slide Ring & Leather Headpiece.
Lead rope with a rope connector instead of metal snap


  • The Leather crown piece makes it safer and more comfortable than a regular rope halter. You won't have to worry if your horse gets loose while wearing this halter. Safely use the same halter for trailering, tying, and training.

  • Buckles to the crown piece on both sides of the halter.

  • The sliding ring gives clearer communication when asking the horse to bend laterally, or when circling.

  • Our halters are hand-tied using a smooth ¼” yachting braid rope, with a leather headpiece and a sliding ring.  The O ring and buckles are Stainless Steel.

Lead Rope:

  • The small rope connectors on the lead rope replace metal snaps. Never worry about causing your horse pain by a metal snap accidentally hitting his jaw or face.

  • We use ½-inch diameter smooth yachting braid for our 12’ leading/training rope.  The ropes slide smoothly through your hands and come with a leather popper with DN Logo. 

  • They connect securely to the halter with our rope connectors.  These connectors are strong, yet light and easy to put on and take off.  

Available in Small Horse, Horse, and Large Horse sizes.

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