Lateral Work Kit

Lateral Work Kit

  • $49.00

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Does Lateral Work leave you feeling tied up in knots? Do you ask your horse for haunches in and shoulder in, but aren't really sure what you're doing?

We've made it EASY to learn Lateral Work!

This kit helps students master their understanding of the classical lateral positions, before they get on their horse! 

Learn how all the different positions relate to each other, how to transition from one to the other, and which positions are biomechanically the same for the horse. 

The 76 page workbook and the streaming video walk you step by step through each lateral position. Most people are blown away by what they can learn with this simple and very effective learning tool developed by Karen Rohlf.

Includes workbook, streaming video, and instructions on how to turn a pool noodle into a serious tool for learning lateral work BEFORE you get on your horse.  (pool noodle and materials to make handles not included) 

Your horse wants you to know this stuff before you get on and ask him to do it - Get the kit and learn it!

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