Dressage Naturally Long Line

Dressage Naturally Long Line

  • $86.00

This is about to be your favorite line!

This 7/16 inch diameter rope is 100% nylon, and has fantastic handling and superior durability. This style of rope is used by firemen, the military, and for rigging, so you know it is strong, yet easy to work with.

The clip is lightweight, small, and strong.

From Karen Rohlf:

"I had these made because I couldn't find a line I loved anywhere else. It is my favorite line for playing on line, and I also use them in pairs for long lining. 

It is light and thin enough to be comfortable to hold, yet thick and firm enough to not tangle like a 'normal' lunge line. 

For natural horsemanship students, this is the perfect middle between the 45' lariat rope with those annoying coils and the thicker 22' ropes that get heavy and aren't really long enough for big moving horses. 

For dressage riders, you will love the feel of this line and that it doesn't tangle and flop like a nylon web lunge line."

Available in black only and in 2 lengths.

Karen shows you the 30' line!

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