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DN 30 foot line
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Create training plans that work for YOU.

Your new favorite line! Create training plans that work for YOU.

Dressage Naturally Bitless Bridle Progress Journal-4 Pack Dressage Naturally ... Results in Harmony (Book + DVD)
Progress Journal-4 Pack
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A bitless designed for connection!
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THE book on doing Dressage, Naturally!

Dressage with Natural Horsemanship Training & Equipment

Students of dressage or natural horsemanship will benefit from Karen Rohlf's Dressage Naturally system and supplies. The Dressage Naturally book and DVD set will help you develop a partnership with your horse while increasing your horse's balance, suppleness, gymnastic ability, and willingness. In the Dressage, Naturally book, author Karen Rohlf offers a fresh and empowering perspective on dressage training techniques that help turn your horse into a happy athlete.

Our online shop has educational tools and equipment to improve your riding. You will benefit from the combined techniques of dressage and natural horsemanship. Dressage Naturally offers instructional DVDs, saddle pads, a bitless bridle, long lines, rope reins and more!