Habits For Excellent Horsemanship Online Course

Habits For Excellent Horsemanship Online Course

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Karen Rohlf's Habits for Excellent Horsemanship course is essential for everyone who wants to have a calm, attentive, responsive, and eager horse. Students worldwide report transformational changes in their relationship with their horse after taking this course. Learn how to improve the communication and relationship you have with your horse so you can reach your horsemanship goals.

This 5 module online course is hosted in Karen Rohlf's Virtual Arena.  

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Course Overview:

Learn how to maximize your existing routine to totally transform the relationship you have with your horse.

Learn the mindset of a horseman

Learn to use everyday moments to make a global change in your horse’s behavior

Learn the secrets to getting exercises to actually work for you

Learn to master your intention and body language

Understand what it means to be a partner with your horse

Gain more clarity, enjoy better communication and deeper relaxation

Learn the importance of curiosity and a sense of humor

Learn how to have and use the 9 habits of excellent horsemanship

Improve your horse’s behavior when feeding, catching, leading, and going through gates

Understand what to do when your horse is presented with things he doesn’t like or is scared of

Use your horse time more efficiently

Learn to create a horse that is calm, attentive, responsive, and eager

Have a horse that arrives to his riding sessions in a more cooperative state of mind


How it Works:

The course is set up like an online university course, with modules, videos, worksheets, and audio lessons. It’s more than just a bunch of information. Everything is delivered in an order and format that is structured to give you maximum results. Karen will guide you through the system and set you up for success.

YOU GET: Lifetime access to the materials: audio, video, and summary worksheets of all the lessons

You can access the course from any home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Q+A webinars 4 times a year - Karen answers student’s most common questions. Recordings will be posted within the course and are downloadable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a certain level? NO. If you have a horse, you are ready for and need this information. This course assumes that you know which end of a horse is which, that you have a very basic level of horse handling skills, and that you can ride independently. Beyond that, it is for everyone regardless of how advanced you are. If you think your partnership could be better and you are still reading, chances are it is for you.

 What if I need more help?  4 times a year Karen hosts a webinar to answer the most common student questions. You can join those webinars live. Recordings of the webinars will live inside your course, (along with a description of the topics discussed) and you can download them to your computer or phone.

 How much time do I need for the course? Everyone learns differently, so that is up to you. You have lifetime access and can go at your own pace.

 Can I learn in a virtual course? YES! Karen's specialty is empowered transformational learning. She has three other virtual courses in this format and has been supporting thousands of students from all over the world for years with amazing results. YOU still have to put the time, focus, and effort in! You can make amazing progress if you apply yourself!

 How is a virtual course better than in-person lessons? There are benefits to each, but the benefit of virtual learning is Karen takes the time to explain the material in a way you can understand, and you can review the lessons until the concepts are clear. Live clinics are great, but let’s face it; you will only retain a fraction of the material presented. Your learning will be most successful when Karen can reach you where you need help the most: At home, every day, any time you need it!

Complete course information is available here, and we are always available to answer your questions about the course via email at info@dressagenaturally.net


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