Dressage Naturally Art of Riding Stick

Dressage Naturally Art of Riding Stick

  • $199.00

Be prepared to make your horse friends jealous! This is truly a work of art. Each stick is unique and handcrafted by the artist, with special customization exclusively for Dressage Naturally.

The DN Art Of Riding Stick is a refined riding tool made from bamboo, which gives a consistent and precise touch. This is not a foundational tool or something you want to use to 'whack' your horse. This stick is made for elegant riding moments. Bamboo is breakable so save this for the horses that understand a lighter touch. It will help you become more conscious of how much you use the stick! 

The top of the stick is wood, and is engraved with the symbol for the Conversations of Relaxation, Energy, & Balance; complete with a golden bead in the center to remind you to be searching for that Sweetest Spot.

The popper has a burgundy leather heart attached to it, to always remind you that it is a tool of communication with your partner that you love.

Allow yourself to be surprised by the details of this creation. You select the basic color and length, and the artist will be inspired to create the rest!

You will think differently about how you tap your horse when you are carrying this beautiful stick!

This item will ship separately, direct from the artist, with its own additional shipping charge. Please allow approximately 2 weeks before it ships to you.

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